Star Wars: Force Unleashed has Teh Vader

That’s right Star Wars boys the entire first level of The Force Unleashed will be playable with Vader, I’m gonna go away now. Orgy’s anyone.


Vote Roger Please

Please vote for roger in the biggest loser compition, he’s a hard workin’ boy from alabama who deserves to stay in the game roger FTW.  Vote NOW!

Jericho Cancelled…

  Jericho was cancelled, I haven’t watched it, but people are pissed off’d.  Everything on Digg is Jericho’s gone, wa wa wa.  I gonna watch it to see what the problem is.  Watch out for that on Our upcoming Podcast.

Anime + Spring = Anime?

 With about 48 new anime this season.  I’ll make sure you pick the right ones.  My Top 5 for this season are:1. Code Geass R2: Im so damn pumped for this show. I loved the first season and the second should be great.2. xxxHolic Kei: The second Season for my Favorite manga EVER!!!!3. Soul Eater: The Art Style impressive, It looks like it should be a gem.4. Vampire Knight: Manga’s really big, why the Hell not.5. Kure-Ni: Im a sucker for Harem anime and Shonen Jump Titles.And my Top 5 To avoid.1. To-Love-Ru: All it is Echhi (Porn for 13 year olds)2. Gag Manga 3: It was old After the first 2 episodes.3. Yu-Gi-Oh 5D’s: Sigh.4. Kyou Kara Moah Season 3: Ok, I might watch this, but it’s a little bit weird.5. Fire Ball: Same Old, Same old.

Sonic Unleashed… ???

  So I Thought I’d Wrap up On the Sonic Unleashed Stuff.  The game is suppsidley Set for November 2008.  You can Play as Sonic Tails and Knuckles.  It’ll Have 12 stages and will play 2D (Old Sonic Games) and/or 3D (Sonic Adventure/Sonic Hereos).  Sonic will change into “Wolf Sonic” at one point or another.  It will be in Nintendo Powers July Issue and On the Cover of the next PLAY magazine.  SO there’s the childish A.D.D. coverage of Sonic Unleashed.

Top 5 TV shows You’ve Never seen… And you’ll love!!

 5. Johnny Test Don’t hurt me, it’s a kid’s comedy cartoon. The show is developed by Teletoon, a Canadian television network. The plot centers around Johnny Test, who is suppossed to do wacky exeperiments for his very intelligent sisters, Susan and Mary Test. Simple enough, right. Well, he has a dog named Dookie, who can talk because of his sisters; Bear with me, come on stay. I understand that it’s a little played out, but the show is all glued together with refrences, witty humor and crazy villans. Check it out, you won’t be disturbed.  4. Robson ArmsAnother Canadaian show. This Comedy Drama is made by CTV. Each episode focuses on a diffrent charcter or charcters who work in an office. Only 2 cosenent charcters, each from Corner Gas, to be spicific Lasey and Hank. It’s really funny, and the charcters are great together. It’s great, trust me (Bad Acting though).3. Welcome To the CaptainNot-so Canadian any more. This was used to replace The Big Bang Theory on CBS. This Centers Around some not so famous writers, including a past Three’s Company writer. Most of the show is about Josh, who is writing an untitled screen play that he wants to submit to paramount. Hilarty insues. 5/5 some people i’ve shoud this to have even gone out to say it’s the best show ever made.2. Sam and Max: Freelance PoliceSo of you might have heard of the episodic video game that’s currently being made. This is theorigin. Off of wiki, The series revolves around the freelance police accepting missions from the mysterious Commissioner, whom they have never seen. The assignments usually lead them into far-off and exotic locales such as the Moon, Mount Olympus, the center of the Earth or the mutant inhabited waters of Bohunk lagoon. In between these official adventures, the pair also manage to squeeze in fridge-spelunking, time-travelling, Bigfoot-hunting and numerous other escapades. There were even holiday episodes, like visiting Blood Island (from Monkey Island 3) on Christmas and delivering an artificial heart on Valentine’s Day. My memory of this show is very vague. It was very funny and british, worth seeing if you can find it. 1. Code GeassThis shoudn’t count, because it’s anime but it’s very popular in japan, and even if your not a fan of anime, it’s worth checking out. It stars Leleuch who is a regular student, expet for the fact that he’s a terriest. He wants to get to the top of britanna by solowly whipping out the britanian royal family. He runs in to some crazy chick who gives him the power to command people to do whatever the hell he wants. It’ll have you on your seat screaming what the F— why the hell did that happen. And the you dream, latter that night, that you were part of the scenario.

Gurren Lagann Movie Pre-Annouced

The latest Japanese Newtype will announce that a Gurren Lagann theatrical film will be released in theaters, not much is known yet, but march 10 will be the big reveal about it.

Tron 2: 2011 and 3D


Disney just said that Tron 2 would be out in 3d, the same 3d effects from chicken little and Nightmare Before Christmas.  The writers will be the guys who do Lost, Eddie Kitsis and Adam Horawitz.  The Hopefully this will make world wide orgy’s.  When asking Morgan Webb what she had to say: “What’s Tron” faith in Morgan Webb was Lost.

New Yu gi oh abridged!! episode 27

F***ing hilarious. Great, great, great.


Oh ya, I’m busting my skinny jeans with a happiness spurt.  The PSP2 concept is here, I got all the details here.

-Plays PS2, PS1 game CD ROMs
-16 Gigs
-2 Analog Pads-MP4, DivX, MP3, AVi-Wireless GPS, Cellphone, VideoConfrense
-DualShock 4, SixAxis 2
-Webcam 2 Megapixels.
Orgy’s anyone.

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